Tools of the trade

With this tool, if I can find something to bounce a laser beam off, then I can know the precise distance to that something. This proves its worth when measuring places I can't gain physical access to in order to hook up a tape measure.

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How do I get from here to there... and there... and there..?

It's odd how the wrong route to the right place (or places in this case) can have a profound effect on my efficiency and state of mind. Recently, I spent a day crisscrossing Brownsville while visiting and photographing different properties. About the fourth time I found myself backtracking my route in heavy traffic, I became irritated that I hadn't planned my outing better.

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What I'm Reading

Making it All Work” by David Allen

This is an update to David’s “Getting Things Done,” which has come to be known as GTD.

At its core, the GTD model is simple. It really is no more complicated than paying proper attention to what has your attention. I believe the first place I heard about the model was through Merlin Mann.

The author follows a logical and practical progression of steps. I’m a fan.


Merlin Mann

creator of 43 Folders

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