What I'm Reading

“Making it All Work” by David Allen

This is an update to David’s “Getting Things Done,” which has come to be known as GTD.

At its core, the GTD model is simple. It really is no more complicated than paying proper attention to what has your attention. I believe the first place I heard about the model was through Merlin Mann.

The author follows a logical and practical progression of steps. I’m a fan.


Merlin Mann

creator of 43 Folders and host of the “Back to Work” podcast is an inspiration to me. While he’s not a motivational speaker, he has been brought in to speak at firms, such as Google and Pixar. Some of these talks are available – my two favorites are “Time and Attention” and “Inbox Zero.” In the former, the speaker discusses how it takes time to make things, and it takes attention to make things great – the balance of the two is key.

In one of his podcasts, Merlin mentioned an article he wrote last year about resolutions, and how they could better be called “Fresh Starts and Modest Changes.”


Sacramento Appraisal Blog by Ryan Lundquist

While the specific information is not relevant to my work, I like Ryan’s take on the overarching trends (plus he has some really good ideas on presenting data in graphs).


Steve Gibson


Steve is a writer, software author, and inventor. He turns up some pretty thought-provoking articles.

To be continued…

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